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Limoncello Wrap Up!

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Hi Friends! Now that we've had our lemon peels steeping in grain alcohol for about a week (give or take a few), we are ready for the next step. And, you are just a few days away from sipping on some lemony goodness! For the first part of this recipe click here.


  • 6 cups of water

  • 4 cups of sugar


  • Funnel

  • Ladle

  • Strainer (I use a metal coffee strainer)

  • Bottles - you'll need enough to bottle about 3,000ml of limoncello or 4 - 750ml empty bottles (I like clear bottles because the color is so pretty)


Make Sugar Water

  • Bring water to a boil

  • Stir in sugar until it completely dissolves

  • Move pot off heat, cover and let cool to room temp (this takes several hours and is very important; if you add it to your lemon peels hot or even warm you will compromise the flavor and appearance of your final product)

Strain, Mix & Bottle

  • Once your dissolved sugar water has cooled, strain your lemon peels

  • Add your cooled sugar water to the strained liquid and mix well until combined

  • Bottle the mixture (the ladle and funnel are useful here)

  • Set aside bottles in pantry for 3-5 days to let the flavors meld

  • After the bottles have sat for 3-5 days, add them to the freezer and enjoy some fresh limoncello at your leisure!


Bonus 1: So, I told you in the first blog post to set aside your grain alcohol bottles. If you soak them in hot water and use a steel scrubber, the labels typically come off super easy. It's really fun to paint the bottles with lemons and lemon trees. Makes for pretty, homemade limoncello gifts.

Bonus 2: Enjoy limoncello multiple ways - straight up or mixed into sparkling water or prosecco! The Italians drink it in 2 oz glasses after dinner to help with digestion. Brilliant!

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