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Whether you're looking for a special engagement gift for a dear friend, or a wedding planner book to help you plan your own wedding, this wedding planner is absolutely perfect and really cute!

This wedding planner book contains 150+ pages of detailed worksheets and inspiration moodboards to accompany you or your friend through your exciting wedding planning journey. These planners are your companion before, during and after your wedding day (lovely keepsakes).

Compact and practical, it's easy to carry around in a handbag while going out shopping for the wedding. It also contains detailed worksheet pages throughout with hints of what to ask each vendor, which can help you or your friend save time and money. It's not just really cute and practical, it's a real lifesaver!

#1 Wedding Planners! - Reviewed by Bride The Force

Featured on Buzzfeed "11 planners that will hopefully save you when everything goes to s**t"

Wedding Planner- White with Gold Foiling and Gilded Edges

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