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1811 Home Design 

From light touch styling to full-scale design projects, let us help you make your home a comfortable space that reflects your family's unique personality & story.

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How it Works

Options & Pricing

1811 Home Design offers the following services to fit your design desires.

Light Touch Styling

Refreshing your home with decor accents from rugs, pillows & throws to vases & plants to candles

& wall decor

$250 per room

+ home decor accents

Full-Scale Design

Creating a layout of the space & procuring large furniture & small accent furniture from a variety of sources as well as rugs & styling decor accents as the finishing touch

$750 per room

+ furniture

& home decor accents

Let's get started!

To get started, please contact us at the shop or fill out the form below.

Thank You!
We will be in touch
within 3-5 business days to schedule a
design evaluation!
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